Help and support in emergency situations, stress, exhaustion
the modern and efficient method to balance physical, mental and emotional energies, to reduce stress and to improve health, concentration, learning.

JET LAG - no longer!
I can re-set your inner clock to local destination time, using meridians and energetic treatments. Re-setting inner clock only: Fr. 50.-
to determine which foods are suitable for you very pesonally to improve health or sport performance, reduce candida, allergies or lose those extra pounds that you do not want. Testing out foods: Fr. 50.-
Cancel out those old traits and behavioral patterns that get in the way and prevent you from increasing you personal power through kinesiological treatments, coupled with positive affirmations and exercises.

Kinesiology supports weight loss efforts as follows:
  • testing out the individual food program for each person.  Changing the diet, eating differently helps lose weight without crash diets, without feeling hungry, loss of energy or danger of yoyo-effect.
  • finding out the emotional, energetic, motivational, mental and other reasons why weight cannot be lost or eating habits are not favourable
  • changing the negative programs and emotional blockages that prevent weight loss through kinesiological techniques.
Effective stress reduction treatments - if clients participate, great success ist ensured.
Kinesiology can help to find out which short and long term goals have priority and what prevents us from pursuing them.

COPD + Kinesiology
COPD means Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease.
This is developing to a civilization disease affecting more and more people. Asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic cough with discharge, difficulty in breathing are similar and part of the disease. These symptoms are the effect of a diminishing lung function starting slowly, unnoticed, usually with a prolonged cold, cough or bronchitis turning into an unwelcome chronic companion. The disease - I am suffering from it myself, feel a lot better now after two years, so I know what I am talking about – has many facets, many causes, many effects which are individual. Kinesiology can help enormously: with the muscle test it is possible to identify the causes, to mention a few:
  • environment (smoking!)
  • emotional or other stress
  • climate
  • allergic reactions to certain foods or other substances or materials in the surroundings
After the stressors have been identified kinesiology can help to diminish ones reaction to it: through emotional, energetic stress release, dissolving reaction to allergy inducing substances, changes in diet and behaviour ( i.e. taking up certain exercises, change habits). As usual the combination of allopathic and alternative medicine is the most effective and guarantees success.
If you want to find out what the causes your discomfort are, please call me at 079 744 83 11 to make an appointment. Remuneration on the basis of voluntary donations.

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